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Safe n Simple™ is a medical care innovator, specializing in the promotion of healthy skin, complete security and confident ostomy and wound care management. They view our product development through the eyes of our customers, who want active, productive lives unimpeded by their conditions. Safe n Simple's goal is to make our customer’s ostomy and wound care safe and simple.

They follow two overriding principles: create innovative, high-performance products, and deliver the greatest possible value. They continually push our technicians to develop better ideas, more advanced formulations and superior products, while at the same time making those products convenient and affordable.
We’ve spent years in Ostomy care learning from our customers what they really want.

The result is a complete line of ostomate care products designed to Cleanse, Protect, Secure, and Assure. Now offering a complete line of wound care products created to promote healing and promote cost savings and also an expansive selection of security hernia support belts.

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